WHAT IF Shakespeare in Love happened to the Marvel Age of Comics as Martin de Goodman and his nephew Stanislaus Lieber need to come up with money — fast!  One has an idle printing press and the other no end of ideas.  Whatever will they do? ANNOUNCING THE WORLD PREMIERE OF A ONE-ACT (30 MINUTE) PLAY MODOK/MACBETH  written by ZYG FURMANIUK and directed by SIMON […]

Marvel 1602 : The Future Physics of Alternate History Past

The Big Bang Theory – one of the few mainstream television shows with plots involving hard science and a recurring setting in a comic book store– has a notable episode:  The Comet Polarization Season 11, Episode 21 – first aired April 19, 2018. Neil Gaiman, unrecognized by the characters, responds to a recommendation to Sheldon […]

HeroesCon Charlotte

Giving a panel at Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC, June 25, 2022. STEM in Silver Age Comics:  They Blinded Me with Science! STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in the Silver Age wasn’t just lab accidents and adamantium – sometimes it was an actual gravitational free fall problem or a sulphur-selenium exchange reaction.  Whether the science […]

The Hulk in Free Fall

In contrast to Simon Stagg counting up to the well-known and often published escape velocity, here we have a genuine motion situation that would be familiar to any beginning student.  One slight issue: the answer is wrong (both from the math as solved and from the reality of the situation we’re facing).  That does not […]