WHAT IF Shakespeare in Love happened to the Marvel Age of Comics as Martin de Goodman and his nephew Stanislaus Lieber need to come up with money — fast!  One has an idle printing press and the other no end of ideas.  Whatever will they do? ANNOUNCING THE WORLD PREMIERE OF A ONE-ACT (30 MINUTE) PLAY MODOK/MACBETH  written by ZYG FURMANIUK and directed by SIMON […]

Warhol / Wayne / West

You know Warhol did a Batman film in 1964? Issue 109 of 34th Parallel has my “nerd noir” story about the origins of 1960s Batmania: “Warhol / Wayne / West.”

Marvel 1602 : The Future Physics of Alternate History Past

The Big Bang Theory – one of the few mainstream television shows with plots involving hard science and a recurring setting in a comic book store– has a notable episode:  The Comet Polarization Season 11, Episode 21 – first aired April 19, 2018. Neil Gaiman, unrecognized by the characters, responds to a recommendation to Sheldon […]

Green Lantern and Crystal Meth

In Green Lantern Season Two #10 (Feb 2021) Hal Jordan drops the formula C10H15N and immediately identifies it as crystal meth.  There are numerous structures of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen that fit that formula, only one of them being methamphetamine.

HeroesCon Charlotte

Giving a panel at Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC, June 25, 2022. STEM in Silver Age Comics:  They Blinded Me with Science! STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in the Silver Age wasn’t just lab accidents and adamantium – sometimes it was an actual gravitational free fall problem or a sulphur-selenium exchange reaction.  Whether the science […]